Welcome to the Canadian Masters Cross Country Ski Association’s (MCC) web site! Since its inception in September of 1980, the MCC has been involved in promoting the sport of cross country skiing to individuals over the age of 30 and ensuring regular competitions for its members across the country.

As per the MCC Constitution, our purposes are to:

  • Promote Masters cross-country Skiing throughout Canada
  • Organize a National competition once a year
  • Establish rules and regulations for MCC activities
  • Represent MCC at meetings of the WMA

The MCC works alongside the Provincial/Territorial associations as they strive to continue to grow the sport of masters cross country skiing across Canada.

What’s New for this season? New team ski suits!

Online ordering of the new Canadian Masters team ski suit is now available!

Order your new Canadian Masters team ski suit online at http://shop.jakroo.ca/Canadian-Masters-XC.

For all orders placed by midnight PST, Nov 22, 2017, delivery will be scheduled for Dec 6, 2017.

Sizing Information/Guaranteed Fit Service: Vendor recommends using their sizing and dimensional charts, but encourage all customers to contact them for a personal fitting recommendation.

To receive a personal fitting recommendation, please send the following data points, or you may return this form:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Chest
  • Waist (at belly-button)
  • Hips
  • Inseam

Contact: Krista Ruby Jr. Account Manager, Jakroo Canada krista@jakroo.ca 1-604-709-3079 1-877-517-9261

Thanks to Wendy Grater, Pat Pearce and Sheila Lenes for their help with this long awaited ski suit project to help organize the design and manufacturing of a new two piece ski suit for our skiers from across Canada!  The suit was designed in part by Jakroo in Vancouver BC and supported by Fresh Air Experience in Ottawa, ON, who allowed the use their swirling maple leaf graphics! Jon from Fresh Air in Ottawa was very supportive of our association and its goal to keep Masters skiers skiing and racing regardless of age or ability.

The two piece suit will be available to order with the next few weeks or early November through an on-line store which will be open for three weeks only.  Sizes will be available from XS to XL with a slim option as well. Sizing details will be posted as soon as available.  Top and bottoms can be ordered in different sizes through the on line store!All orders will then be manufactured for delivery within three weeks to members across Canada.  Cost is $180.00 for two pieces plus Provincial sales taxes and delivery.

Lots of good feedback from our Provincial Directors and skiers already and we will look great with this new Jakroo Standard Thor design with 100% Canadian design, and thanks again to Fresh Air Experience in Ottawa!