The name of the Association shall be: THE CANADIAN MASTERS CROSS COUNTRY SKI ASSOCIATION. Abbreviation shall be MCC- Masters Cross Country Canada.


The MCC is located at the Domicile of the National Director.

Purpose/ Objectives

1. To promote Masters cross country skiing throughout Canada
2. To organize a National competition once a year
3. To establish rules and regulations for MCC activities
4. To represent MCC at meetings of the WMA

By Laws

A. National Director
The National Director shall be elected by a majority vote of Provincial/ Territorial Directors at the annual meeting, and shall serve a term of two years. He / She may be eligible for re-election. The National Director shall preside at all meetings of the Association. He / She shall appoint committees that are deemed necessary. The National Director shall have one vote, plus an additional vote when necessary to break a tie. He /She shall be responsible for financial matters and shall report on such matters when directed.

B. Provincial / Territorial Directors
Provincial / Territorial Directors shall be volunteers with no maximum term. In the event a Director resigns, he/ she with the National Director shall seek a replacement from within
that Province / Territory.

C. Honorary National Directors
All past National Directors and their spouses are bestowed lifetime memberships. They may enjoy all the rights and privileges without payment of Annual dues.

Directors’ Funding

National Director
Travel expenses will be allocated each year to cover cost of attending World and Canadian Masters Annual Meetings.

Provincial Directors
Directors attending annual meeting will be reimbursed 50% of travel cost if the Province they are representing has at least 12 members in the Association. In all instances Directors shall make every attempt to obtain best travel rates by advance booking of airline reservations, rental vehicles, etc.

Board of Directors

The Board shall consist of the National Director, and one Director representing each Province & Territory.


The Board shall determine all policy matters regarding the Association, including but not limited to: selection of the site for each National Championship, election or appointment of officers, determination of standards, etc.


All cheques of the Association must be signed by the National Director or someone approved by the Director.


Major expenditures ( over $2000) other than administration must receive approval of a majority of Directors.

Membership Dues/Revenues

A. Members must hold Canadian citizenship, or be a landed immigrant, and be at least thirty years of age.
B. There is an annual membership dating May 1 to April 30 of the following year. Some Provinces have a two year membership. Annual fee to be determined by Board.
C. Provincial/ Territorial Directors are responsible for the mailing of membership forms, newsletters and other information to their members.
D. The Provincial/Territorial Director retains $6.00 of every membership in the Province.
E. Donations are to be shared equally between the Province/Territory and National association.

Awarding National Championships

A. National events are to be conducted under the “MCC” constitution and by laws. FIS rules of competition apply.
B. Sites for National competitions shall be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Annual General Meeting
The AGM will normally be held during the week of the National Championships. The meeting shall be chaired by the National Director or designate.

A quorum shall consist of 50% or six Provincial/Territorial Directors and National Director. In the event a Director is unable to attend, he/she may appoint someone to attend and this person has voting rights.

Special Rules and Regulations

A. Age Classes
Masters competition shall be open to all men and women thirty years of age and over. Five year age categories will be used.
B. Eligibility
All men and women of prescribed age shall be eligible for all events without restrictions or performance standard required. All competitors must be members of “MCC”.
C. Awards
Medals shall be awarded to the top three finishers in each age category. National Team members are not eligible for medals.

Dissolution of the MCC

The “MCC” may be dissolved, and any assets distributed at the discretion of the Directors at the time, to an organization whose objectives are to promote cross country skiing in Canada by a resolution passed by 75% of Directors present at a special general meeting.